why google isn't indexing your site
why google isn't indexing your site

Reasons why google is not indexing your website

It happens with most of new sites that they do not show up on google’s search.

Let’s find out the main reasons.

The first reason is you should watch if it is really not indexed on Google or it is just not showing on the first page. Many times your site is on the lower side of searched pages. If it is nowhere on search pages and the search ends then you should check out the other reasons.

1. The first most probable reason may be if your site is desktop friendly then it is usually not on top searches if searched on a mobile device. For this make sure your site is mobile friendly.

2. The second reason may be due to low density keywords . If the content has less number of precise keywords or not in-depth analysis then it may be omitted or on the lower side of search. Make sure the content carries more number of precise keywords that describes the content.

3. Have a search console account and follow the instructions. This helps in diagnosing and troubleshooting the indexing issues.

4. The search console account helps you. If your site is new then it takes time even up to weeks for Google to crawl to your site and index it. For this you may learn how google crawls to the web.

5. The other reason can be if the site is bought and you are the new owner of the site then past manual actions against the site may omit it from the search. Past manual actions may include security issues report. Resolution of security issues may help if this is the reason.

6. Restructuring of the site coupe be the other cause or your site has moved to a new domain. There may be mistakes while executing the move. To fix the errors use 301 redirects ( Redirect permanent ) if this is the situation then you may learn how to move your site with minimal effect on search results.

7. After all this you may inspect your page using URL inspection tool. If the tool states non indexing of page then read the instructions to fix the issue. Your page might be blocked with robot.txt file or a no-index directive or some other mechanism such as password protection. In such cases use proper mechanism to unblock it.

8. There is a possibility that the tool says your page has been indexed. Then check if someone has asked to remove the site from index. If this is the reason then you may *ask google to revoke the request.

9. There are times when google search omits the site or page for unknown reasons. In this case you may ask Google to recrawl your page to index it.

10. If nothing works then visit webmaster forum and state you issue and mention the link to your site.

11. Google get to know new sites through existing sites. This helps Google to crawl your site and index it. Make sure your site is known to people through existing sites.

12. In the end if nothing works the read SEO starter guide and use the tips provided.

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